The request for adventure trips have increased in the last couple of years. More and more clients ask for an adrenaline kick during their vacation. In search for blood pumping activities, we have fulfilled some very interesting and specific requests.

By Monika Korn, The Safari Source, January 2016


Indeed, the entire travel experience seems to have changed. Travellers tend to abandon the traditional African safari which usually focuses on morning and evening game drives. Sparkled with good food and siestas on the chalet’s veranda during the rest of the day, there is not much else one is ‘actively’ doing. This resolves in feedbacks like “I have put on 5 kg on this holiday”, by nowadays travellers.

The modern travel enthusiast wants to be active and get involved. Maybe it’s because of the new affiliation towards the own body and health. There is a new well-being mindset: a balance of mental and physical health is becoming more and more important. This also affects the holiday decisions. Travellers don’t just want to sit back and relax but to exploit an adrenaline rush on their vacation. They actively want to explore what’s out there.


Adventure is such a big word – but what does it actually mean? By definition, it is an “unusual and exciting or daring experience”, often “associated with danger or the taking of risks”. ‘Living in full’ or ‘on the edge’ are phrases often used for its description. We realised that ‘Adventure’ and ‘being active’ are – most of the times – linked with each other.

However, every traveller has different expectations. It’s not done by simply offering an adventure safari package. Everyone defines adventure differently. Some guests want to do white-water rafting and bungee jumping, others want to go hiking, do overnight canoe trips and nature camping under the African sky. And then we have the self-paced adventurers who want to self-drive through Africa in a Land Rover, getting their hands dirty when pulling the car out of the sand and mud.


Being outside, amidst remote nature and fresh air, is in fact healthy for the body. Especially globetrotters with a stressful job, where lots of sitting and computer work are involved, should consider active safari holidays. A different location and workouts are curing for the stressed-out mind. Nature and wildlife encounters provide very distinct experiences to the accustomed daily routines. The anxiety levels in the body decrease with a bit of exercise and the fresh air has a positive impact on the body.

And not only is the body happy, but also the mind starts to let go when we get into swing and become dynamic. This is due to the endorphins we are producing when we work out. The endorphins reduce the awareness of pain and anxiety, thus we become more relaxed and content – and proud of what we have achieved. Only imagine the natural high after a bungee jump, a rafting trip or a full adventure safari.


When we are on holidays, we tend to go one step further and even overstep our bounds – we enjoy doing unusual things. Some spoil themselves with special meals or go on sightseeing tours which they would not do back home. It is the same with adventure activities: on holiday, away from the typical comfort zone but in a relaxed mindset, it is easier to DO what you haven’t dared to do yet. Jumping out of a plane, doing a horse ride through the Okavango Delta, diving and sailing along the African coastlines… Some activities force us to overcome our fears – be it heights, a free fall or an underwater experience. Once we have conquered these fears and enjoy the adventure, we get another adrenaline boost. Let’s take this thought further, and we realise that all this helps us believe in ourselves and increase our self-confidence. Adventure travelling is a true ego booster and this can affect the way how we deal with challenges – not only on holiday but also in everyday personal and business life. Eventually, this all leads to us going home happy, relaxed and pumped with new energy!


Another great side effect is that travellers seem to build strong friendships during adventure safaris. We ourselves have met many new people on adventurous activities and exchanged email addresses and pictures. And yes, we are still in touch with many of these acquaintances. Friendships as well as relationships are based on shared experiences. And the more adrenaline is involved, the more you bond. You are all in the same boat – teambuilding can be so much fun! During Rafting, combine all the strengths to get the boat through the rapids. While horse riding, make sure that the horses stand in a group when the elephant is approaching. After mountain biking or hiking, gather around the camp fire in the evening and plan the route for the next day. There are so many unique memories to share with your co-adventurers – memories only you, who have conquered it together, understand.