There is a sound that is so unique to Africa & to the Zambezi. The fish eagle has a distinctive and haunting cry – synonymous with being outdoors, fishing, relaxing and wild, raw undisturbed nature.

By Jecha Point Fishing Lodge, May 2015

If I hear that sound, I am transported instantly to the Valley, warm sweetly-scented air blowing off the river… The African Fish Eagle is a truly majestic bird that is the King of the waterways of Africa and preys mostly on live fish as their name suggests.

Fish eagles are expert hunters, perching in tree branches hanging above the water, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to swim by. With a lightning fast swoop they catch their prey in their sharp talons, up to 15cm under the water’s surface. They often hang out in pairs, and can regularly use the same nest site year after year. Did you know? An African fish eagle’s approximate lifespan can be up to 15 years in the wild.