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Facts about the destination
Vilanculos can be described as a place where even time has its own agenda: a truly otherworldly experience can be had in this unique coastal town. Even though it has grown rapidly over the past decade, and even boasts a newly built international airport on its outskirts, Vilanculos offers one a break from city life and an opportunity to really relax in an idyllic environment. Filled with all the amenities needed to make ones visit comfortable yet still local, the list of activities offered are boundless.

An array of bars and restaurants scatter the city’s coastline, enticing both visitors and locals with their vast selection of seafood and local delights on offer – all infused with Portuguese flavours, reminding one of a time past. Providing the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago, a group of six islands situated near the mainland, the city has become a hub for thirsty tourists eager to explore the islands national underwater park.

If surfing, diving and fishing are some of your favoured past times, the Bazaruto Islands is the ideal location for you. With its uncrowded dive sites and abundant selection of marine life one can discover protected reefs teeming with dolphins, hump back whales, sharks, spotted eagle rays, giant turtles and even the endangered and rare dugong. This conservation paradise is considered by the World Wildlife Fund, as a true gift to the earth.

Inhassoro is a small fishing port situated on the mainland, opposite the northern point of the Bazaruto Islands. It is described by many, as Mozambique at its best. As a rapidly growing tourist destination, there is something on offer for everyone. With its warm friendly atmosphere, pristine beaches, fishing district and mouth-watering cuisine, Inhassoro is fast becoming the ultimate holiday choice locals and international tourists alike.

Offering holidaymakers a wide array of accommodation from camping to high quality exclusive beachfront resorts, all that visit this pristine location tend to fall in love. Inhassoro is home to Africa’s finest and most important big game fishing waters filled with black, blue and striped marlin, sailfish are prevalent as well as Dorado and giant kingfish. The waters also provide excellent opportunities for fly-fishing.

When to visit
The best time to visit is during the winter months, from April through to September. The weather is warm and dry with minimal rain. Temperatures range from twenty to twenty nine degrees Celsius, gradually increasing the closer one gets to the coast. Visitors are getting a minimum of eight hours of sunlight each day.

During the Mozambican summer, days are hot, sticky and rainy with temperatures sometimes reaching up to thirty-one degrees Celsius along the coast.

An essential part of your visit has to include a stop at the Island of Santa Carolina, known as Paradise Island, for good reason. It consists of three picturesque beaches with coral reefs situated close to the shore – this is a true rock island. Known as the gem amongst the islands, it is situated in the proclaimed national park and offers its visitors sensational beaches as well as magnificent scenery to take in whilst you catch a tan.

Another way to take in the majestic islands is through a Dhow Safari, the islands famous safari cruises. Hop onto one of these ancient wooden boats allowing its occupants an incomparable way to experience all that the Bazaruto Archipelago has to offer. The Dhow Safari offers the luxuries of a beach holiday with the added bonus of exploration and discovery.

The Bay off Inhassaro is extremely popular with scuba divers, the reefs and their surrounding areas are home to many species of dolphin, turtle and the rare and endangered Dugong or Sea Lion as well as whale sharks, Manta Rays and humpback whales.


  • Great break of city life to relax in idyllic environment
  • Array of bars and restaurants scatter city’s coastline
  • Uncrowded dive sites and abundant marine life
  • Home to protected reefs, dolphins, hump back whales, sharks, spotted eagle rays, giant turtles and even dugong
  • Best time to visit is during warm and dry winter months, from April – September
  • TSS Tip: Go on a Dhow Safari and explore majestic islands and beaches



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