Project Description

Macatoo Camp can be found in a 500.000-acre private concession in the western side of the Okavango Delta. The ever-changing and fascinating landscapes make this location the perfect place to explore on horseback. Macatoo Camp stands proudly on a palm-fringed island encircled by grassy plains that are scattered with water meadows and seasonal lagoons.

The Macatoo Camp is home to African Horseback Safaris, these exhilarating rides into the bush accompanied by one of your expert guides. Horseback riding is the perfect and unique way of getting up close and personal with the wildlife that surrounds you.

The horses are loved and looked after with the greatest of care, with the choice of well-mannered thoroughbreds, Namibian Hanoverian or Kalahari-Arab crossbreeds all in excellent condition – there is a horse to suit everyone. Ranging in size from 140-170cm’s, one can choose from either between the traditional English styles or trail saddle.

The area explodes with life and the terrain constantly changes as you ride and explore throughout the day. The continual shifts of game and dramatic seasonal adjustments guarantee that no two safaris will ever be alike.

The Macatoo Camp is a classically styled tented camp with a Hemingway flare. Yet it never fails to provide you with all your creature comforts whilst still allowing you to experience the wild beauty of the African bush.

The 7 large comfortable Hemingway styled tents are equipped with en-suite bathrooms and secluded spacious verandas. The main area has a mess tent with bar and a viewing deck with a small swimming pool.

Game drives
Night drives
Nature walks
Horseback riding


  • Okavango Delta, Botswana
  • 7 large Hemingway-styled tents with en-suite bathrooms and spacious verandah
  • Small swimming pool
  • TSS Tip: Horseback riding



Further Accommodations