No surprise, the Victoria Falls are proclaimed one of the 7 natural world wonders. The massive Falls are one impressive sight – tons of water loudly thundering down over more than 100meters into the void.

By Miriam Reiter, The Safari Source, December 2015

One can easily spend hours watching this natural spectacle that has already fascinated the first European explorers. As a consequence, today, there are many excellent activities offered to experience the waterfalls. But, let’s get back to the facts first.

The Falls
David Livingstone, a Scottish missionary and Africanist, is said to have ‘discovered’ the Victoria Falls. He named them in the honor of Queen Victoria. On his way through southern Africa, he came across the waterfalls in 1885, being led there by the local Makalolo people. What he saw was the Zambezi River tumbling down 110 meters into the gorge on a width of 1078 meters with a lot of din.

Victoria Falls RainForest, Viewpoint 1, Victoria Falls Gorge, Spray, Zimbabwe

‘Mosi-Oa-Tunya’, meaning ‘the Smoke that Thunders’, indeed is a very suitably chosen name by the local people. It refers to the tremendous spray, emerging from the steep fall of the waters. On a clear day, this spray is visible from a distance as far as 30 km. During rainy season, up to 10.000 m3 per second can run down the edge. During dry season it is a lot less, and visitors get to see more of the gorge and landscape.

In a way, there is no ‚best‘ season to visit the Victoria Falls because every month has its uniqueness. The rains fill the Zambezi with water all the way from Angola and Zambia. Therefore the spray is in its peak shortly after the rainy season in April. Guests love the powerful and loud Falls but the chances that you get totally soaked in water (and so is your camera equipment) is very high. Low water is around September to December when the Falls show their beauty by revealing their cliffs and rocks. In the other month, it’s the best time to experience the Victoria Falls Rainbows, which blend into a stunning scenery for amazing photographs. On full moons, one can even visit the Falls at night and admire the magnificent moon bows.

Victoria Falls, Rainbow, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Gorge, Cliffs, Void

The Activities
As mentioned already, nowadays are many ways for you to experience the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. Visit the protected Rainforest to be on an eye-to-eye level with the lip of the falls, do a helicopter flight for all-round vistas and incredible pictures, go wild water rafting to conquer the Zambezi Rivers’ rapids, take an adrenaline swim in the Devil’s Pool.

• Walk the walk
Since 1989, the Victoria Falls have been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Thus today the Zimbabwean Side of the waterfalls and some of the surrounding area are protected Rainforest Park. Upon an entry fee of US$ 30.- per international guest per visit (as per October 2015), the park is accessible all year round. Enjoy the natural spectacle from 16 viewpoints – all well worth checking out.
Not only are the waters of great interest. Along the Falls, the landscape turns from bush into a tropical rainforest – with the spray increasing from viewpoint 1 to the Main Falls. Therefore, once half way through your walk, you are better off with an umbrella, rain coat or at least some protection for your camera. As the Falls are drying out towards the Zambian part, the spray gets less as well. You see more and more of the rock formations and the landscape turns into grasslands. Simply a mind blowing experience, this must-see!

Victoria Falls, Rainbow, Zimbabwe, Zambia, UNESCO World Wonder

• Flying high
Even though you might ask yourself ‘Why do a rather expensive scenic flight, when visiting the Rainforest is already that incredible?’, we say: ‘Don’t miss the helicopter flight!’ Why? Because it’s even more stunning from up above!
Book in advance to get your preferred departure time. You will be picked up from your accommodation and transferred to the helicopter pad. There you will get your instructions and off you go to enjoy the flight!
From the birds-eye perspective, you will have a much better impression of how enormous the Falls are. You can see the Zambezi River vividly floating towards the lip of the waterfalls, naturally dividing Zimbabwe and Zambia. Getting closer to the cliff and its fall into the void, the river broadens to its 1.7 km width. Even from the helicopter, you can hear the thundering of the Victoria Falls, and eventually feel the spray. Once past the Falls, the Zambezi River narrows again, sloping down in a deep gorge. This and all the vehicles passing across the Victoria Falls Bridge, make for great pictures and even better memories.

Helicopter Flight over the Victoria Falls, Aerial View of the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls Bridge, Gorge, natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

• Cruising the river
For a magnificent sunset, go on an evening cruise on the mighty Zambezi River. On one of the various boats, you will enjoy snacks, sundowners and the snorting hippos in the water.
You will be picked up at around 4pm from your accommodation (depending on the summer / winter schedule) and transferred to the boat. The boats are mainly cruising the same route on the river, but vary in size and type. Choose between larger, modern boats and romantic historical vessels. Once departed, you will be served yummy snacks and sundowners of your choice. All you have to do is sit back and relax as you view the spectacular sunset while sipping your sundowner. Don’t forget to bring your camera as you might capture crocs sunbathing on the sandbanks and elephants crossing the river. Not to forget the various birds which are bustling in the bushes. Enjoy the hippos singing you lullabies for the night.

Sunset boat cruise, sundowner, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Zambia, historical boats, Ra-I-Kane

• In the middle of the action
If you are adventurous, the water rafting is the perfect activity for you. Rush downstream at the foot of the Falls in a small boat, paddling and maneuvering to get past the rapids without going overboard.
For this adventure, you will be picked up from your accommodation and brought to the rafting starting point. There are 24 rapids in total, but according to season and water level you might have a different starting point. You will walk down into the gorge where you enter your boat with your co-paddlers. Fight your way down the river, through the rapids. And don’t forget to enjoy the stunning view of the gorge and the Zambezi. Admire the rough rocks and steep walls to your left and right. Spot some birds and baboons. Cool down in the Zambezi in calm spots and gather your strength before the next rapid comes up. Before your adventure comes to an end, you have to climb the gorge back up – an appropriate home stretch.

White Water Rafting in the mighty Zambezi River, Adventure Rafting, Rapids, River Rafting, Paddle, Boats

• Head over heels
Alternative to the rafting, you can get your blood pumping by all the Victoria Falls Bridge Activities – do a Bungee Jump, the Flying Fox, the Zip Line, the Bridge Slide or Swing.
For some of these activities, you have to go to the recently opened Lookout Café. For most of them however, all you have to do is go to the Victoria Bridge, the link between Zimbabwe and Zambia. There, you will easily spot the base for these adrenaline kicking adventures. Don’t forget to book in advance, as otherwise you will be disappointed if all you can do is watching others being brave. Please also note that the bridge is already ‘no-men’s land’, meaning you need to bring your passport, as you leave Zimbabwe. At the border post please emphasis, that you are only going to the bridge and not crossing borders, in order to not pay unnecessary Visa fees on your return back into Zimbabwe.

Zipline and Bungee Jumping at the Victoria Falls, Victoria Bridge, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zip Line, Flying Fox, Bridge Slide, Bridge Swing, Zambezi River, Gorge, Adrenaline kick.

• As close as possible
Taking an adrenaline swim in the Devils Pool is as close as you can get to the waterfalls. This activity certainly is not for the faint-hearted!
As the Devil’s Pool is on the Zambian Side, you have to go to Zambia for this activity. If you stay in Zimbabwe, you will be picked up at your accommodation and transferred across the border. You need a Visa for Zambia as well as Zimbabwe. The UNIVISA might be a good idea for you. Also keep in mind that the Devil’s Pool is only accessible during low water. Check our updates for the opening/closing of the season.
Once in Zambia, you are transferred to Livingstone Island. After a short walk and crossing over the Zambezi River, you are taken for a swim – at the edge of the Falls. You are in the Devils Pool, a natural pool, named according to its dangerous location just before the chasm. This certainly gives you an adrenaline rush and excellent pictures: you relaxing in the water with the cliffs and the spray in the background. So, don’t forget your bathing suit. And don’t be too adventurous – the ground might be slippery and please mind the gap.

Devils Pools Victoria Falls, Livingstone Island, Zambia, Swimming at the edge of the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, World Wonder, Adventure.

The best of the best?
Which one is the best activity? We can’t tell. Depending on your interest and preferences, time and budget, choose what suits you best. Get in touch with us and we will help you figure out.

For sure, each and every activity will provide you with unforgettable memories to share – with family and friends or on facebook, twitter (or whatever your favorite social media network may be).

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