Project Description

Ilha De Mocambique is a small island, which lies off the north of Mozambique. As the previous capital of Portuguese East Africa, it now is a world heritage site. African, Arab and European cultures are fused together and evident in the islands many churches, mosques, beautiful colonial buildings, small traditional houses and above all the local population with their incredibly varied faces.

With its bustling streets, markets and wonderful cuisine, this colourful and vibrant island still offers its guests long stretches of empty, pristine beaches with excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities. The charm, sophistication, history and culture are felt as you stroll along the islands cobbled streets taking you back to a time past.

With its comfortable and charming accommodation on offer at varied but reasonable prices, the island is fast becoming the choice for many. A long slim ribbon of gold floating in a sea of azure, Ilha de Mocambique is a fantastic option for couples looking to spend some quality time alone.

When to visit
The islands and the mainland share very similar weather patterns. The winter months are the best time to experience this untouched historical landmark. So plan your trip between April and September and you shall be rewarded with sunny days and warm nights.

The chapel of Nossa Senhora de Beluarte built in 1522, is considered to be the oldest non-indigenous building in the Southern Hemisphere. It is deemed to be one of the finest examples of Manueline vaulted architecture in Mozambique. Even though the chapel is small in size, it is rich in history with its robust walls and vaulted ceiling. With keystones carrying the cross and armillary spheres, this undercover historical gem is the perfect example of what used to be.

Other notable historical sights present on the island include the Fortress of Saint Sebastian, the Fort of Saint Lawrence, the Fort of Saint Anthony, the Palace and the Chapel of Saint Paul, the Convent of Saint Dominic and the hospital. All perfect examples of the civil and colonial influence of the islands previous residents.


  • Previous capital of Portuguese East Africa
  • Now a world heritage site
  • Fantastic for couples and honeymooners
  • Best time to visit are winter month April to September with sunny days and warm nights
  • Oldest non-indigenous building in Southern Hemisphere: Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Beluarte
  • Historical Fortresses and Forts



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