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Extensive savannahs and rolling grasslands make up another quarter of this incredible land, with the game changing according to the weather. During the dry seasons, the Savuti Marsh area is filled with warthog, impala, zebra, wildebeest and elephant bullying each other to gain a spot on which to graze upon. Whereas during the rainy season one can expect to be dazzled by the rich array of birdlife that the marsh attracts. There is prey the predators shall reign, therefore lion, hyena and the occasional cheetah can be spotted looking for their next meal. Savuti is home to some of the greatest wildlife of whole Africa making this region a must-see for any safari lover.

Both the Linyanti and Savuti wildlife reserves are popular choices for visitors who are looking to stay in exclusive camps along the river. Take in the sites during a night game drive or even a walking safari depending on what you are after. A river cruise is highly recommended for those who wish to experience the parks offerings from another vantage point, as well as the opportunity to float side by side with hippo and crocodile that call the river their home.

The last of the four ecosystems on offer is the little known place called the Hinterlands. With its hot and dry weather and grassy woodlands this is the ideal place if one wishes to spot eland.

When to visit
The rainy season occurs during the summer months, running from November to April. This is the best time to spot a glorious array of birds. During the wet summer months, the temperatures and humidity are high but the region is covered with lush vegetation giving it a feeling of a rolling green carpets. October is the hottest month of the year with temperatures soaring into the 40° Celsius region.

Yet the ideal time of the year to visit this part of Botswana is during the dry months May through to October. Then the water’s surface subsides and the wildlife congregates around the rivers shorelines. During this time game is at its most intense and with great visibility. Everything can be easily spotted and enjoyed from whichever vantage point you like.

The Linyanti Marshlands are conveniently located adjacent to the Linyanti River. With open woodlands, lagoons and flood plains surrounding the river, the marshlands allow its visitors the opportunity to view lion, leopard, African wild dog and hippo as well as an enormous herd of elephant.


  • Extensive savannahs, rolling grasslands and Hinterlands
  • Float side by side with hippos and crocodiles
  • May – October game is most intense and with great visibility, around rivers shorelines
  • Rivers surrounded by flood plains allow to view lions, leopards, wild dogs, hippos and elephants
  • TSS Tip: Linyanti Marshlands located adjacent to Linyanti River



Further Must Sees