Project Description

The Lower Zambezi National Park is surrounded by mountains. Its beauty lies in its absolute wilderness state. Opposite the park is the world famous Mana Pools Reserve. With only the river dividing the two, the whole area is considered a massive wildlife sanctuary. The diversity of game may not be as wide as others. However, the park offers its visitors the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals, who wonder in and out of the Zambezi Channels.

This relatively undeveloped park is the perfect place to be shut off from the outside world. Visitors truly feel like having entered a parallel universe. Thanks to the varied terrains and large trees, herds of elephants bathing at the river’s edge, ‘island hopping’ buffalos and waterbucks and a quality population of lions and leopards exist side by side. All these features make the Lower Zambezi National Park a great place for game viewing.

When to visit
The best time to visit the park is during mid-season, from June to September. Then the land is drying up after the rainy season and most of the animals can be seen congregating along the water’s edge. The days are warm and nights are chilly, making it a pleasant climate to explore all that the park has to offer. Fishing is at its prime from September to October. All the lodges and canoeing operators are open from April to November each year.

The rainy season is a must if birdlife and photography are your passion. Known as the ‘emerald season’ this time of the year provides spectacular views and sights just waiting to be captured forever.

With its spectacular landscape and abundance of activity along the river’s edge, the obvious choice to take in the sights is from the water. Float down the river at your own pace in a canoe. Your guide will take you down remote channels between the islands, giving you the chance to view the wildlife head on. Hippos, impalas, buffalos, kudus, baboons and an enormous variety of birdlife can be seen browsing along the banks of the river. Sit back and survey life as it is from the comfort of your very own floating seat.

The river offers great fishing opportunities. Healthy Tiger Fish and Bream are the most common catches. However, one may get lucky and catch a colossal Vundu, a member of the catfish family. It generally weights up to 50 kilograms.


  • Surrounded by mountains
  • Great game viewing and getting up close with wildlife
  • Herds of elephants bathing at river’s edge
  • Best time to visit is during mid-season from June to September
  • Great fishing, with best time from September to October
  • TSS Tip: rainy season is a must for bird lovers and passionate photographers



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