We had a wonderful time and we all keep singing your praises! I have handed out your details to multiple people including some friends of mine in Greece recently. You can be sure that any Southern African Safaris that I, or anyone I know do, will be through you. :) Thank you for all your hard work.
>Zimbabwe, March-April 2014<
Group Wild, USA
Many thanks for arranging the most amazing holiday we have ever been on. Your attention to detail in tailor making a safari for us made for a really enjoyable, stress free time. We loved the camp where we stayed, the food was first class and the staff were so friendly. Our guide on the safari was very knowledgeable which meant we got to learn a lot about the animals.
Thanks you so much for all your help and patience in arranging this holiday for us, I know we had a lot of queries along the way and you always replied so quickly. We will definitely be in touch again to arrange another safari through Safari Source.
>Victoria Falls – Hwange, March-April 2014<
L. Moreira, UK / Australia
The service from The Safari Source was OUTSTANDING. There was ALWAYS prompt service, extremely accommodating and PATIENT!
I changed my itinerary many times and there was NEVER a problem taking care of us. Our family of four had the trip of a lifetime. We felt well taken care of from start to finish – even WHILE in Africa, they monitored our moves, insuring all went smoothly. From the accommodation to all the transfers, a complicated itinerary was pulled off without ANY issues.
Thank you Monika and The Safari Source!
>Okavango – Linyanti – Victoria Falls – Hwange – Bulawayo – Cape Town, March 2014<
Cole Family, USA
We had a fantastic trip, many thanks. Amalinda was just lovely. And that Banff cafe in BYO had the best omelette I’ve had in Zim!
Look forward to making more holiday plans over the coming year.
>Matopos, March 2014<
A. Wickham, Zimbabwe
Happy new year to you too and thanks for your greetings! We had a good trip and Ernst was very helpful, both at our arrival and on our way back to Windhoek. Namibia is a beautiful country, we regret not to have taken more days to visit the desert!! May be later this year.
All my best wishes from a rainy and rather cold also Harare! And thanks again for helping us preparing the trip.
>Namibia, December 2013<
I. Marie, Harare
We are now back in Sweden since some time, and with a few weeks of perspective on our journey through southern Africa.
First of all, we would like to express our gratitude once again for all your help and professional service in arranging our trip! We had an amazing time throughout in Zimbabwe.
To start with, the canoeing trip was a lovely nature experience, and even if it was a bit scary at times, we both enjoyed it very much. Next, as you already hinted at in advance, the stay at Camp Hwange was probably the highlight of our entire journey – probably the most stunning place I ever stayed at in Africa (and I did visit around 50 parks by now…). Many of the best sightings were right outside our window. Superb!
If we do decide to come back to Zimbabwe (which we would surely like to) we will certainly call on your excellent services once more. And please do pass on our greatful greetings to all the operators involved in our journey. Once more, thank you very much for all your time and help!
>Hwange, August 2013<
J. Karlsson, Sweden
When I first contacted Monika about a possible trip to southern Africa for me and my 18-yr old daughter, we weren’t quite sure about where we wanted to go, or what we wanted to do. Monika was superbly patient and creative in helping us figure out our preferences, sort out possibilities that were within our (not unlimited!) budget and consider some off-the-beaten-track possibilities, including volunteer work. She seems to have a lot of contacts and is quite knowledgeable about the area.
The arrangements made were impeccable and exactly as described. When our flight into Johannesburg was delayed 24 hours, I informed Monika who immediately contacted the car rental company and other providers to inform them of our late arrival. And even though we were worried about transferring such large sums of money overseas to Zimbabwe or South Africa as pre-payment, everything worked out without a glitch. We’ll certainly be calling on Monika again for future trips to the area (we loved our trip so much, we’ll definitely be coming back!).
>South Africa, June 2013<
C. Cloutier, USA
Your travel arrangements were first class, we had a couple of hold-ups but both were due to the thoughtlessness of the passengers who arrived on the vehicles. The drivers themselves were great and always waited with us until our connection arrived.
Everything was fantastic and we will recommend you to anyone we know who wishes to visit the area.
Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us, it made everything run smoothly and contributed hugely to our holiday of a lifetime.
>Mana Pools – Hwange – Victoria Falls, May 2013<
Shipton Family, UK
We had a wonderful time in Zimbabwe, more than we could expect. Thank you a lot for helping us to make our dream come true. Monika we will come back, this is our second home. Hope to be back next year. Wonderful country and wonderful people. Thanks a lot for all you have done and are doing for us. We are really grateful.
>Hwange – Victoria Falls, March 2013<
Eid Family, Norway
Just wanted to take a moment (now that the bags are finally unpacked and the laundry has been done!) to THANK YOU for one of the best experiences of our lives. We are so very grateful for all of your help over the last few months and wanted to let you know that your work made for such happy, awe-inspiring times for our family and friend.
We wanted to let you know that everything went off without a hitch, thanks to your great planning- SUCH fun!!
We’ll be contacting you again, I am sure, to schedule another amazing journey. In the meantime, know our THANKS, and that we’ll be enthusiastically passing your contact info on to any and all friends here in Zim!
>Zimbabwe Round Trip, March 2013<
Johnson Family, USA
We have come back home Japan and China. We have had a wonderful safari trip, thank you very much for making all bookings and transfers and other arrangements, we really appreciate your kind help and we are so impressed by your country of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. I personally would like to come back again whenever I would have a chance to do so.
>Victoria Falls – Hwange, February 2013<
G. Wang, China
I am happy that you have decided to remain in beautiful Zimbabwe. Our trip was one of the most wonderful and life changing experiences of our lives. The warm and caring people, the awesome, mouth-dropping experiences of the wildlife, and the haunting beauty of the country. We learned a lot about the animals and the lives of the people, but more than that, it made us love and remember with longing hearts of Africa. We will be back.
Please give our regards to everyone. Thank you, again, for having made all our wonderful memories possible.
>Victoria Falls – Hwange – Okavango Delta, March 2012<
Stronge Family, USA